A game based on the nursery rhyme "The Three Little Kittens" for Game Design 1!

Try to get the kitten's mittens in time to get the pie!

A few tips and tricks (if you'd like them! These are also in the help section, accessible through the "objectives" menu):

The time limit is 6 pm, so keep in mind the time when training and resting!

Useable items are really important when battling. They boost stats so you don't have to spend more time training them! Furthermore, stat training is more powerful with the more foes you beat, so don't use all of your available time training before the first fight!

There's a lot of text changes throughout the game, specifically those that change with the time of day. Don't forget to interact with as many objects as you can to find these!

Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Made withTwine

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