A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A very fast paced game where you draw lines to help guide your fox ball! Roll over toads and stop them from stealing your fish!
Keep in mind you can click on them too!

This project was done for my Game Design course, and I mostly wanted to try something new. It was a lot of work to implement the line and it was really fun to learn how certain things work with others.

Meet the cast!

Foxball is the main character! They mostly like naps, rolling, and fish! When they're not doing one of these things, it's usually because there are evil toads to fight. Hopefully they can get their fish back in time!

Furball is Foxball's best friend! Generally they do lots together - especially indulging in their shared delights of fish! She doesn't fight as might though as Furball does not have the line on her side.

Gerald is the main toad of the toad army - and he one day hopes to become his own commander like Morty! He doesn't fight for the fish but more so to get back at Foxball for rolling over him so many times. Despite not having his own ability, Gerald's strength is his passion! At least that's what he tells himself.

Henrico tirelessly trained in the arcane arts - in order to get fish! Henrico is very skilled in his fireball magic, he's trained day and night to perfect it. However, he still has trouble aiming. He blames it on his hat covering his vision.

Henrico's brother, Arlondo, decided to fight back in a much simplier way - using a shield! This proves to be troublesome for Foxball many times, until he was tapped to lower his guard!

Morty is a very calm leader, until he blows up! He is known for using bombs, and is very good at his craft. He just doesn't pay attention to where he is when he throws them sometimes...

Also, the music is not by me. It is by NeXsard on Newgrounds!

Install instructions

Extract + run executable


FoxBall(Mac).app..zip 29 MB
FoxBall(Windows).zip 29 MB

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